Frequently Asked Questions

Bellows are frequently asked questions. If it is not what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us for further assistants.

Q.1      What is The Basic Document that needed for remittance request/application?

There are two ways of registrations;

A. Face to Face Registration at the Counter

    • Membership Application Form &
    • Valid Photo ID Copy

Acceptable IDs:

For Foreigner:

    • Residence Card

For Japanese:

    • Driver’s license or
    • Passport and JYUMINHYOU

B. Non-Face to face (by Post) Registration

    • Membership Application Form &
    • Valid two ID copies as mentioned below:

-Copy of residence card (both sides) and original certificate of residence JUMINHYOU (Issued within the past 6 months)  or

-Copy of residence card (both sides), Passport copy & Utility bill (electricity, gas, water) receipt copy (within 6 months) or

- Copy of residence card (both sides) and Driving License (both sides) copy or

- Copy of residence card (both sides) and copy of national health insurance card (Kokumin Kenko Hoken)

  • Your passport copy should have your name, date of birth and address.
  • Residence card and passport must be valid.
  • Utility bills must have both name and an address, and must be the same as on your identification document.
  • If you have Shakai Hoken 社会保険 or social insurance card, it must have exactly same residential address as in your residence card.

(Please call us directly to our office if you have other documents)

Q.2      How do I Send Money through CITY EXPRESS JAPAN?

Q.3      Do I need to be a member of CITY EXPRESS JAPAN?

  • Yes. You must be a member/customer Of CITY EXPRESS JAPAN in order to send money.

Q.4      How can I be a member of CITY EXPRES JAPAN without visiting counter ?

  • You must fill and post application form with 2 copies valid Id cards to CITY EXPRESS as explained in Q.1 B. You can download remittance application form, fill and sign it and post it in address: 〒 169-0073 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Hyakunin-cho, 2-11-23 Shinookubo Communication Bldg. 1F

Q.5      How can I download application form?

  • Click here to download overseas remittance Application form.

Q.6      Is it necessary to present My Number card (Individual Number card)?

  • It is your responsibility as a customer to submit it at our office.

Q.7      What is My Number card?

  • Click here to read details: 

Q.8      How do I find City Express Counter Location?

  • Please click here (Counter locations) to find your counter locations and contact details.

Q.10    How much money can I transfer?

  • Transaction limit depends on your customer profile or occupation. You may be asked to provide your employer company information and income evidence to use remittance service of CITY EXPRESS JAPAN.

Q.11     How much the fee charges?

Q.12    How long the transactions can be received, after Send the Money through City Remit Card?

  • Receiver can pick up the cash instantly after submitting his/her valid original ID card and the PIN number provided by CITY EXPRESS JAPAN.

Q.13 What is the Maximum Limit for Transaction?

  • Please Contact Us, regarding the Limit of Your Transaction.

Q.14    How to send money through City Remit Card?

  • City remittance cards can only be used at Japan Post Bank ATMs. Method of sending money through Japan Post bank ATM: 
    1. Press English
    2. Press Deposit
    3. Insert City Remit Card at ATM
    4. Press Card Issue in Japan
    5. Press Enter
    6. Press Enter again
    7. Put only bank notes in the ATM
    8. Press Enter

Note: Maximum 100 Million yen (1 million Japanese Yen) can be deposited at one time. But, receiving countries may have their own limitations. 

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